What does THE.mgmt stand for?

THE. is the beginning, The middle and the end, of everything you need to know about the entertainment , Marketing and digital media industry . THE.mgmt concentrates on building long lasting careers,  We equip our clients with the skills they need to conquer the industry. THE.mgmt educates its talent with the vital information and social tools to be taken seriously as an industry professional not a flash in the pan ! Founder and director of THE.mgmt Benji Hart has been in the industry for 25 years , ' Ive seen allot of trends come and go , Natural talent and a sense of individualty can't be taught and In a heavily social media controlled world we need individuals that are not afraid to go against the grain and embrace imperfection    ' A good manager will open the door , The rest is up to you !  '

What is THE.talent management?

THE.talent management is a board of individuals in TV , SPORT , MUSIC , ART & FILM . It is select , Boutique and all brands are closely managed  , THE.mgmt is nationwide in Australia with international partners in the UK and US . We are boutique and strongly believe the devil is in the detail .  Contact

What is THE.DVZN?

THE.DVZN is a pool of exciting newcomers ! Focusing less on the stereotypical social media following and concentrating on originality and talent, It's an attitude and the ability to inspire people. Founder Benji Hart has always believed in development and giving the next gen Artists / creatives a platform to collaborate with established clients and professionals. DVZN represents people who have worked hard, observed their peers and created an independent brand of their own . The industry is ever changing and we should always think outside the box especially supporting home grown talent.  Contact

For all general enquiries and applications, please email