What does THE.mgmt stand for?

THE. is the beginning, the middle and the end, of everything you need to know about the entertainment/modelling industry. THE.mgmt concentrates on building careers, brands and equipping talent with the tools they need to conquer the industry. Owner Benji Hart, has had 25 years of experience, internationally and Australia. 

Who is

Benji Hart - Director/Talent manager -

Courtney Fantoni - Agent/Talent developer -

Melinda Selleck - CFO/Accounts enquiries -

Ivy Erlinger - New faces/Photographer

Julian Rinaldi - Photographer/Graphics

What is THE.talent?

THE.talent is an exclusive management service for established, well-known faces in the entertainment industry.

What is THE.mother?

THE.mother is a mentor program for young adults, wanting to learn about the modelling industry. The word ‘mother,’ stands for a division, dedicated to managing the kids still at school, while we as an agency help you prioritizes their education at school and allow them to enjoy all the perks of the modelling industry, without disruption.

When offered a contract by THE.mgmt, you are entering an agreement on behalf of your child that requires time and dedication from both yourself and your son/daughter, with no financial requirement. THE.mother invests time and finance into workshops, within the school holidays and the occasional weekend, in the hope that we develop the stars of the future. Our workshops are as much for you, the parent, as they are for your child and we encourage you to take part, as no question is a silly one.

What is THE.timeless?

THE.timeless is the management of influential and professional contemporary talent. This division focuses on individuals with expertise in various fields and beauty represented in attitude and authenticity.