Sam Wines

testTrying to define Sam in a bio like this is like trying to clap with one hand, it’s just not possible. Nonetheless, we have done our best to shine some light on this Melbourne-based man of mystery. Although he may look like a city slicker, Sam is a mountain man at heart. Born and raised in the beautiful Olinda in Victoria. It comes as no surprise that he has a strong affinity to the natural world–especially when it comes to ethical and sustainable fashion. Since graduating from a double degree in Science and Commerce, Sam has founded an online men's lifestyle publication, Man of Style and has co-founded The Phoenix School Program; a charity that promotes STEM education in schools through upcycling old scientific equipment from laboratories and universities and donating them to schools that are in need. In addition to his business pursuits, Sam is also known to DJ’s from time to time as a creative outlet. Sam is an avid learner and self-professed science nerd. In his spare time, Sam tends to read the latest Scientific literature and has a keen interest in a wide array of disciplines ranging from biology, psychology, physiology, functional movement, holistic health and nutrition. Sam’s dream is to found an educational institute that weaves together cutting-edge modern science with contemplative eastern wisdom and western philosophy. Sam has worked with many of the top brands from around the world including Lululemon, 2XU Mr Porter, Brooks Brothers, Tommy Hilfiger & Ralph Lauren to name a few.

  • height. 6' 1"
  • chest. 39"
  • waist. 32"
  • suit. 38R
  • shoe. 11.5
  • suit length. R
  • hair. blonde - dark
  • eyes. blue


86.6 K