• Despite being in the infant stages of her career, PANIA’svision has always been global. Raised in the cultural melting pot of West Melbourne, the singer took inspiration from her surroudings, fusing it with the fiery desire to achieve bigger and better things. "Growing up surrounded by industrial areas in the West, we were infatuated by the idea of making it out,"she says. "I’ve always just seen more for myself."In high school, PANIAtook after her friends and began singing -always in private, because she was too shy for an audience. "It wasn’t until I dropped a demo on SoundCloud that local producers hit me up to work,"she says. "I met a lot of the underground West Melbourne scene throughthem andbuilt from that."Soon after, PANIArealised that her lyrics were connecting with fans on a deeper level, and she knew that she had found her calling. "My music is how I feel when I’m most vulnerable, it’s like a diary to me," she says. "All the toxic thoughts, the vulnerable ones, the things we all feel but sometimes might be afraid to say."And while her music is intensely personal, she adds a three-dimensional nature to her songwriting by viewing past situations through a different lens. "Sometimes I like to write from the perspective of someone I’ve been with, or someone I’ve hurt in the past,"she says. "In a weird way, it helps me find clarity."What results is an intimate journey through PANIA's world, where song is used to explore every corner and crevice, no matter how vulnerable.PANIA takes leads from the romantic nostalgia of 2000s R&B, and the late-night, lonely soundscapes favoured by OVO producers; melding them into her own fresh, soul-stirring sound. "I want you to put my songs on knowing that you're gonna feel like the baddest in the room,"she says. "But also when it’s 3:00am and you're coming down from the club, I got something for that too. I want to cater for every emotion and setting."PANIA’s debut single “ICCY”,which featured prominently in breakout TV Hit Heartbreak High, was released in 2021 and grabbed the attention of the local Melbourne scene. Soon after, PANIA led an adidas originals campaign focusing on West Melbourne's buzzing creative community, also following up her debut with single“proof”.PANIA started off 2022 with a bang releasing her breakout single “tiki”.The video received significant attention with VICE claiming “It’s irreverently 2000’s, the video is POC dominated, and the outfits are reminiscent of Destiny’s Child/ 90s girl-group dominance. All in all, it’s a tantalising mix of culture, sound and aesthetic.”The track, which is still a staple in the clubs today, stayed in the Spotify Pulse Chart for over a month and featured a viral TikTok dance challenge, cementing her place as a frontrunner in Australia’s burgeoning R&B scene. She followed this up with her single “LETHIM4ALL”, and added her vocals to the International Remix of global hit “Finesse” by Pheelz. “MY CREW”was released in August of 2022, and, featuring a video clip shot in Auckland by acclaimed NZ director Conor Pritchard, went on to become a Top 10 radio hit in her family’s home country of New Zealand. To finish off the year, PANIA performed at Listen Out Festival, performed two sold-out headline shows, sold-out her debut merchandise line, and released her first EP. Entitled 'burnt ur clothes & changed the addy', the EP tackles the relatable -albeit
  • often complex -ups and downs of young adulthood; fromlove, growth, and belonging, through to heartbreak, envy, and revenge. While loaded with addictive hooks and the confidence of a swiftly rising talent, burnt ur clothes & changed the addy is, at its core, self-aware, vulnerable, and fundamentally human. The EP waspraised by media, industry and fans alike, solidifying her position as global breakout artist in the making. Exploring her love of fashion, PANIA’s bold and creative choices have seen her head up media’s “Best Dressed” list at both the ARIAS, and the NGV Gala Ball, has seen her feature as the face of the Platypus Kicksmas Campaign, and continues to see her foster her relationship with Converse as a featured Allstar. 2023 sees no signs of PANIA slowing down. Having recently supported global R&B icon Kehlani on her Australian Tour, PANIA dropped a two-single release–‘P Pack’-which showcased a more vulnerable side ofher artistry. Currently writing her sophomore EP, PANIA says, "My music could be heard and translated anywhere in the world, I just happen to be from Australia.