itsmuse is about developing, mentoring and identifying new talent. We provide a platform with no set agenda and a mind set to embrace everyone’s creative visions one obvious fact about today’s passion , There is a lack of destinations for the smaller voices there is so much to learn from the one's who paved the way , We did deeper into Mentoring and open the view on what we define as art or creativity . If you are talented and driven you have a place ... called itsmuse.

We are lucky enough to bend the ear of some of the top industry leaders and chat to current talent / creatives that are breaking through , Everyones story has something to learn from. Regardless of your education, age, gender or race. Talent is talent, art is art , In life we are programmed more often than not, not to follow our dreams,itsmuse is about intuition and we intuitively believe, everybody needs a mentor.

Whats your idea of art ? photography, film making, design, fashion, music, content creation, Classical and new forms of art like AI. We believe Art is ever evolving so help us all learn and tell your story through the platform.We are requesting submissions and please be as descriptive as you can, send us references, links and stories because every “the MUSE” issue [ issue one download below ] we will be hunting for collaborators and contributors .

" A minute means a lot, a minute can change your life, and in a minute you can meet a muse. Minutes, hours, days, dedication, and love has been shown by all involved in realizing my dream, It would take a lifetime to thank everyone who has changed my life in a minute". - Benji Hart founder of itsmuse & Editor for the first issue of 'theMUSE'.

Special thanks to the OG theMUSE issue one team Zakk Allan, Julian Rinaldi, Saskia Selleck, Havana Brown, Vince Dalito, Partigirl & Sage.