Dr Michael Says


Dr Michael Mrozinski graduated from Glasgow University in 2009. He embarked on General Practice training, during which he completed a Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine, gaining a distinction. 

He relocated to Melbourne in 2015 and taught at Monash University in between 2017-2021. He also spends a significant amount of time in the emergency department, working in rural hospitals across Australia. 

He worked the Scottish National Football team for 5 years, with Football Federation Australia for 4 years, as well as working at the Commonwealth Games in 2014 with the Scottish boxing team.

He has recently gathered a large following on social media and has made numerous appearances as a guest and medical on Sunrise, The Today Show and ABC news. He is regularly featured in the newspapers, both in Australia and in the UK as well as Rolling Stone Magazine and is a regular contributor on Trip J Radio (Hack). 

He advocates for better conditions for both patients and health workers.

In his spare time, he goes to the gym, travels and pushes himself out of his comfort zone.